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Papers and Publications

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*Underlined denoted group member.

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  1. Wu, M.C., Cai, T., Lin, X. "Testing for regression coefficients in LASSO regularized regression".
    [*** An earlier version received an ENAR Student Paper Award ***]
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  7. 2013

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  14. 2012

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  20. 2011

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    [#Equal Contribution]

  22. [*** This article selected by AJHG as one of the "Best of" 2011-2012 ***]
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  25. 2010

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  29. 2009 and earlier

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    [*** An earlier version received the 2008 ICSA Student Paper Award ***]
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    [#Equal Contribution]
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  38. Technical Reports

    All technical reports available upon request.
  39. Lee, S., Wu, M.C., Cai, T., Li, Y., Boehnke, M., Lin, X. (2011). "Power and sample size calculations for designing rare variant sequencing association studies". Technical Report, Harvard University. PDF
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    [An earlier version won the 2008 ASA Statistical Computing and Graphics Section Student Paper Award]
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