With the advance of array/sequencing techniques and the accumulation of different types of genomic data, the study of a living organism in system level has become feasible and necessary. Such genomic data may include genome-wide DNA polymorphism (e.g., genotypes of thousands to millions of SNPs, DNA copy number variations), epigenetic information (e.g., nucleosome occupancy, histone modification), mRNA/miRNA expression, protein abundance/phosphorylation, and protein-protein interaction, as well as phenotype data. My research focus on analyzing such comprehensive genomic data, and their associations or casual relations with complex traits, such as human cancer.


Curriculum Vita


Selected Publications

QTL/eQTL (Expression Quantitative Trait Loci)
1. Wei Sun, Tianwei Yu, and Ker-Chau Li (2007), Detection of eQTL modules mediated by activity levels of transcription factors, Bioinformatics, 23(17), 2290-2297.
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9. Yijuan Hu, Jung-Ying Tzeng, Charles M. Perou, and Wei Sun (2014), Proper Use of Allele-Specific Expression Improves Statistical Power for cis-eQTL Mapping with RNA-Seq Data, Manuscript A list of 2,509 eQTLs
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Epigenetic Studies
1. Wei Sun, Michael J Buck, Mukund Patel, and Ian J Davis (2009), Improved ChIP-chip analysis by mixture model approach, BMC bioinformatics, 10:173
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Copy Number Study
1. Tianwei Yu, Hui Ye, Wei Sun, Ker-Chau Li, Zugen Chen, Sharoni Jacobs, Dione K Bailey, David T Wong and Xiaofeng Zhou, (2007), A forward-backward fragment assembling algorithm for the identification of amplification and deletion breakpoints using high-density single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) array, BMC bioinformatics, 8:145
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