Quefeng Li

Department of Biostatistics
3105D McGavran-Greenberg Hall
Chapel Hill, NC, 27599
Phone: (919)962-6450
Email: quefeng AT email DOT unc DOT edu

Professional Experience

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Biostatistics, UNC-Chapel Hill, 2015-
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, ORFE, Princeton University, 2013-2015


Research Interest

  • High dimensional data analysis with applications in biomedical research
  • Data integration
  • Robust statistics


Statistical Methodology

  • Li, Q., Cheng, G., Fan, J., and Wang, Y. (2017+). Embracing the Blessing of Dimensionality in Factor Models. Journal of the American Statistical Association, to appear. [pdf]
  • Li, Q., Yu, M., and Wang, S. (2017). A Statistical Framework for Pathway and Gene Identification from Integrative Analysis. Journal of Multivariate Analysis, 156:1-17. [pdf]
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  • Xu, Y., Yu, M., Zhao, Y. Q., Li, Q., Wang, S., and Shao, J. (2015). Regularized Outcome Weighted Subgroup Identification for Differential Treatment Effects. Biometrics, 71:645-653. [pdf] [supp] [R code]
    {An earlier version received 2014 John Van Ryzin Award.}
  • Li, Q., Wang, S., Huang, C., Yu, M., and Shao, J. (2014). Meta-Analysis Based Variable Selection for Gene Expression Data. Biometrics, 70:872-880. [pdf] [supp] [R code]
  • Yu, M. and Li, Q. (2014). Discussion of "Combining Biomarkers to Optimize Patient Treatment Recommendations". Biometrics, 70:716-719. [pdf]

Collaborative Work

  • Halladay, J., Donahue K., Cene C.W., Li, Q., Cummings, D., Hinderliter, A., Miller, C., Garcia B., Little, E. Tillman, J., Ammerman, A., DeWalt, D. (2016). The Association of Health Literacy and Blood Pressure Reduction in a Cohort of Patients with Hypertension: The Heart Healthy Lenoir Trial. Patient Education and Counseling. [PubMed]
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  • Li, Q., Li, L. (2017+). Integrative Linear Discriminant Analysis with Guaranteed Error Rate Improvement. Under Review.
  • Avella-Medina, M., Battey, H., Fan, J., and Li, Q. (2017+). Robust Estimation of High Dimensional Covariance and Precision Matrices. Under Review.
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  • Dineen, H., Eskildsen, S., Gan, Z., Li, Q., Patterson, B., Patterson, J., Draeger, R. (2017+). Gender Preferences of Patients when Selecting Orthopadedic Providers. Under review.