10th Summer Institute in Statistics and

Modeling in Infectious Diseases


Summer 2018




Thomas Richardson PhD

Michael Hudgens PhD

Professor and Chair


Department of Statistics

Department of Biostatistics

University of Washington

University of North Carolina

E-mail: tsr [at] stat [dot] washington [dot] edu

Email: mhudgens@bios.unc.edu



Lecture Notes



Dependence, confounding and collapsibility


Directed acyclic graphs, d-separation


G-methods (Hernan and Robins book)


SWIGs: graphs and counterfactuals


Direct effects


Instrumental variables and non-compliance





Code and Data


Introduction R code


R packages


R labs


NHEFS data codebook sas7bdat xls csv


MSM R code SAS code


G formula R code SAS code


G estimation R code SAS code


Outcome regression SAS code





Department of Biostatistics, Gillings School of Global Public Health, University of North Carolina. 
 Last updated: 21 July 2018