Bios 776: Causal Inference in Biomedical Research

Spring 2017


Time and location:



Michael G Hudgens PhD

Tuesday and Thursday



Department of Biostatistics



1301 McGavran-Greenberg

Telephone: 919 966 7253

Office: 3107C McGavran-Greenberg


Office hours: Mon 12:30-1:30pm






Hernan and Robins book Part I Part II References Website

UNC Causal Inference Research Group

NHEFS data codebook sas7bdat xls csv

Lecture notes:


1 A definition of causal effect

2 Randomized experiments

3 Observational studies

4 Effect modification

5 Interaction

6 Graphical representation of casual effects

7 Confounding

8 Selection bias

9 Measurement bias

10 Random variability

11 Why model? R code SAS code

12 IP weighting and marginal structural models R code SAS code

13 Standardization and the parametric g-formula R code SAS code

14 G-estimation of structural nested models R code SAS code

15 Outcome regression and propensity scores R code SAS code

Time varying exposures

16 Instrumental variable estimation SAS code

17 Causal survival analysis SAS code